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Interactive Courses

Swag Procurement & Distribution

Live Event Broadcasts

The Virtual Event Experience

High Altitude can offer an alternative or supplement to a live event. Our team of event experts will design a digital version of your live event that delivers great value while making your budget sing. Check out all the features of our program ready to launch your organization into the next realm of special events.

The Impacts of COVID-19

Live events and the infrastructure that supports them have been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting health and economic crisis.  We, as event organizers, have been forced to think WAY outside the box and find new ways to connect people to brands and missions.  The solution is to create new experiences that are fun, interactive, and inspire us to work together towards a common goal.

Registration & Fundraising

A solid platform from which to launch registrations and peer-to-peer fundraising is paramount to any successful event. Do you already have a system that’s a winner? Great, it’s our new favorite, too! If not, we’ll show you the best of the biz to help find the right fit for your organization and event. From there, we will create the form, develop confirmation messaging, customize it with your branding, and respond to participant inquiries.

Course Routes, Powered Up!

Have you always wanted to have your course pass your organization’s building where athletes hear the Rocky theme and a special thank you message from your Executive Director? This is no longer a dream. We’ll make it happen with a custom-designed course route with impactful and compelling mission and sponsor messaging, live GPS tracking, sponsor banner ads, automatic results aggregation, spectator cheers, and more!

Swag from A to Z

The shirt, the sunglasses, and the new kid on the block (face masks and scarves) … we all still like free stuff, pandemic or no pandemic. Our purchase specialists will source swag options for your event, facilitate the design, finalize the order, and get the goods in the hands of your participants with speed and ease. Yes, we’ll package and mail everything out for you!

Race Times and Results Leaderboards

Contributing to the social benefit of event participation will be a custom results landing page where participant’s data will be aggregated and presented in a comprehensive and fun way. Participants will receive an automatic prompt after finishing their virtual course to make it all easier than pie.

Live Stream Event Broadcast

You can still have a live event, one that your supporters can experience at home with more bells and whistles you could have ever imagined. Our team will build a custom event page that houses:

  • Live video broadcast
  • Interactive chat session
  • Endless real estate for PDF’s, sponsor logos, and jumps to third party sites
  • Pop-up polls and quizzes
  • Calls to action for donations

You have to see this hallmark feature of our virtual event management program to believe it!

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We’ll walk you through examples of the interactive race app and the live broadcast platform that will knock your socks off! Hold on to your shirt. Our pricing may blow it away!

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